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Contact us via email at hello@novelwoodworks.com



Story, because we want our work to relate with our lives as a whole - to incorporate the entirety of our passions and experiences. Rather than a dichotomy between our work and life, we believe work was meant to express our God-given hearts.


Newness, because creating such an environment requires new… everything. From our product lists and marketing to our pay, time and hiring to our plans for growth, everything has been questioned and rethought. To connect more deeply with our work requires that we do things differently and we are excited to discover how much change that will require. 


We believe in caring for ourselves and others as full humans - financially, relationally, and spiritually. We hope to assist staff with debt, provide paid carpentry education, and even design publicly accessible work environments. We have dreams of building homes for friends and families, of providing help to those in need or with disabilities, and of bringing art into the world.


How are we going to accomplish all of this?

We hope you’ll follow our story.


Why would a musician, a police officer and an academic start a wood shop? 

To create a work environment that is innovative, relational, fun and inspiring. We believe there is tremendous opportunity in the world of craftsmanship to make a difference. And we hope you'll join us in that journey.

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Matt Morris

Creative Director

At Novel, we are dedicated to work, not labor. That's why Matt is here, to add the creativity, fun and artistry that keeps us motivated and loving what we do.

Brandon Helms

Chief Business Officer

Every team needs a backbone - someone who will not only pick up the slack, but stop his partners from creating more. When others have hit their limit, Brandon's just getting started.  

If you're the idea-a-minute type, you'll need to work harder to keep up. Matthew has been called the team visionary because he's got a Novel idea every second.

Matthew Reese

Chief Executive Officer