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A Woodworking shop Built to Innovate



Novel Woodworks was started on something of a whim. I (Matthew), became hooked on the idea of woodworking. I saw furniture making as great opportunity to build a home-based business, create jobs and learn a valuable skill set to serve our families and community.


As a dreamer and researcher, why wouldn’t I love to cover myself in sawdust for countless hours a day!? And even if I’d never used a miter saw I had Youtube to fill in the gaps, right?


But I knew I couldn’t do it alone. So after a bible study, I pitched the idea to two friends who might be crazy enough to give it a try. Brandon and Matt: a cop and a musician. Just what I needed to fill out my woodworking team! They both agreed without question and I was shocked, especially with Brandon who is the more careful of us three. Unknown to me, becoming a woodworker was a dream of his. It now made a bit more sense why I’d become so oddly attached to woodworking and making his dream a reality would consistently serve to keep us going. With only a short exchange, we were off to the races… er.. the table saw!


After collecting a few tools, we settled on offering our custom woodworking services. We’d accept any job we could learn quickly enough to accomplish. We couldn’t believe when the orders started coming ! Each one possessed it’s own unique puzzle to solve. And over the years, we discovered a key lesson: is ‘always’ a way to fix it. With that lesson, our knowledge and pain tolerance grew - especially in the winter!


Matt, the musician, stuck with us through the worst and hardest first months of business. He and his wife, Kat, built our original website, started us on social media and then he left to pursue his passion for music. He didn’t earn much more than a dime. Maybe two at most.. We would’ve sunk if not for him. Matt undoubtedly drew the short straw, never complained and remains a close friend.


Each step of the way, God has provided ‘just enough’ for us to grow and take the next step. We learned at a pace that was unsustainable, but ultimately found stability in building what we love - Handcrafted Midcentury Modern Furniture.


Brandon was to blame for this one. During the first year and a half, we had tried selling roughly 15 items on our website with no success. We tried showcasing what we thought ‘people wanted.’ Then he designed The Novel Collection… It not only represented something we could consistently offer, it moved us as a business to having a voice and making a statement. It’s what we truly loved: oil finishes, soft-close hardware, dovetail joinery, and that slick modern look!


It’s why we’re called Novel Woodworks. The meaning is two-fold: Newness and Story. We knew it was crazy to step out with a business when none of us had any prior experience. But we did it because doing something crazy like that nearly guarantees a story! We found that. What started as a few friends in a Bible Study has become a testament to God’s provision. It’s honestly why we keep going. He’s been faithful and so will we until it’s time to move on.


Chief Craftsman

Every team needs a backbone - someone who will not only pick up the slack, but also dream up beautiful designs and bring them into reality. When others have hit their limit, Brandon's just getting started.  


Chief Visionary

If you're the idea-a-minute type, you'll need to work faster to keep up. Matthew has been called the team visionary because he's got a Novel idea every second.

Let's talk.

We would love to chat with you, assess your needs, and design and build something beautiful for you and your home.