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Add a great modern touch to any room in your home with a solid walnut, mid century modern plant stand! It comes in three height options:
12", 20 and 28" Tall

The angled portion above the crossbars is 6" tall on all plant holders

The plant stand cross bars are 2" tall on all plant holders
The angled portion below the crossbars is respectively 4", 12" and 20" tall


To get the total height of your pot and plant stand, add the Pot Height + the 2" Crossbar + the Height of the angled portion below the crossbars (4", 12" or 20").

Each Plant holder includes two 8-1/4" long crossbars. We recommend using a pot with an 8" diameter that is 7" tall. This is the size pot you see in the pictures.

You can find the "Fox & Fern" pot seen in the above pictures at this link: Here is the link to that Pot: amzn.to/2Tq0l0k

Please note this is an affiliate link. Thank you for your support if you use it : )

Please message us for custom size crossbars up to 12-1/4" long.

The plant holder is easy to assemble as it includes two leg panels that connect via a simple lap joint. Each set of legs also comes with a pocket hole and screw that can be added underneath for additional stability.

You can expect your plant holder will ship in 1-3 weeks.

Plant Stand